Pray the Halls

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August 7, 2016
5:00 PM
Any Parke County School

Let’s cover Parke county schools in prayer for the start of another year! Join us at the school of your choice to walk the halls, praying over specific needs and people. Pray silently as you stroll the hallways or gather in small groups to pray.

ANYONE who wants to lift up our students, teachers, administrators, school board, support staff and parents in prayer is welcome to attend. All Parke county school buildings will be open during this time.

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A Night of Worship

  A Night Join us on Sunday evening, August 7, at 7:00 PM, as we celebrate God’s love through Scripture, prayer and music.  Come, “…as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God…” (Colossians 3:16)


Ultimate banana???

Banana  Attention all Jr./Sr. High Students! On Sunday, July 31, we are going to be breaking out nearly 30 lbs. of bananas!  We will be having banana splits and doing a short devotion, then we will play ultimate banana.! Make sure you bring old clothes!! It’s going to be awesome!!!


Scavenger hunt

scavenger huntAttention all Jr./Sr. High Students! On Sunday, July 17, we will be doing another town scavenger hunt! Make sure to bring a friend and get ready to have some fun!!


Reading Through The New Testament

We begin this week with Paul’s letter to Philemon, the master of a runaway slave named Onesimus, who had stolen from his master and ran off to Rome.  While in Rome, Onesimus encounters the Apostle Paul and accepts Jesus Christ as his Savior.  Paul sends Onesimus back with this letter in hand, urging Philemon to extend forgiveness.

Over the next five weeks, we will be reading through the Gospel written by Luke, a physician who carefully documents the perfect humanity of the Son of Man, Jesus Christ.  As you read this week, you will notice Luke begins with a strong emphasis on the ancestry, birth, and early years of Jesus and His forerunner, John the Baptist, as he records their birth announcements, advents, and temple presentations.  Luke summarizes Jesus’ first 30 years in one verse — Luke 2:52.


You’re Invited

The Brazil Mission Team arrived home safely after spending 10 days in Brazil aboard the medical mission boat, Amazonia.  They have touched hundreds of lives with the love of Jesus while assisting Earl and Ruth Anne Haubner.  The Team would like to show their appreciation for your prayer and financial support by inviting you to dinner on Wednesday, July 20, at 6 PM.  Along with the meal, there will be a slide show presentation of how God used them to His glory.

Future Plans

We are planning to send another team to the Brazilian Amazon in 2018.  If you are interested, now is the time to speak up.  Donna McVay will be the Team Leader.


FAME Work Crew

FAME is one of the missions our congregation supports.  They secure and distribute medical supplies to missionaries around the world and so much more.  We have a “work crew” heading to FAME headquarters in Indianapolis this Thursday, at 7:30 AM.  The work involves sorting and organizing medical supplies.  Future trips to FAME are scheduled for August 17 and September 16.


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