Jr./Sr. High Help Needed

Pumkin   We will be making a Jr. High and a Sr. High trunk for Trunk or Treat this year! If you are going to come and would be willing to help out let Kevin know! We appreciate it!


Wednesday Evening 6:30 PM

Kevin's Bible Pic  Jr. High/ Sr. High. We have started up Wednesday Night Discovery, and last week, we finished up our 7 week series, that deals with Pursuing Answers to Life’s Biggest Question. This week, we will be following up that series with a new series dealing with “Understanding Other Religions” In the upcoming weeks we will be covering Atheism, Judaism, Islam, Eastern Religions, and Mormonism and just exactly what they are about and how they stack up against Christianity. Hope you can make it for these.


Sunday Nights At The Big House

  sunday nightsEvery Sunday night at 6:30 PM the Jr. and Sr. High students meet up at the Big House to hang out, fellowship, play big group games and eat snacks. We would love to have you there!!!


Where are we studying?!

Josh   Jr./Sr. High Students: Over the course of the last 9 months, on Sunday mornings, we have been laying down the foundation of the Bible. We are currently doing a couple of lesson in Joshua, then we will be working our way through the book of Judges!


Mission Opportunity

OCC planeOperation Christmas Child:  October collection is “Just for Fun”. Examples are small cars/trucks, sports balls, dolls/clothing, jump ropes, yo-yos, small airplane gliders, play-doh, stuffed animals.  Also hard candies/chewing gum. See a  complete list on the bulletin board in the foyer.  There is a box located in the foyer to receive donations of toys for

Operation Christmas Child cannot accept: used/damaged items, war-related items, toy guns/knives, military figures, chocolate/food, liquid, lotion, vitamins/medications, aerosol items, glass/breakables.

Join Us on November 9…Shoe box Packing Party 5-7 PM, details TBA

Operation Christmas Child National Collection Week: November 17-24


Fall Sermon Series

Fall sermonFalse teaching was beginning to permeate the Colossian church.  There was a fusing of Jewish legalism, Greek philosophy, and oriental mysticism with the Gospel.  Some were teaching Jesus was insufficient to save.  Others were looking deeper knowledge to possess or spiritual mysteries to embrace.

Today, people are not convinced Jesus is the way.  They teach all religions are true and the idea that Jesus alone can save is narrow-minded.  Pat has began an eight week series of messages from Colossians to expound upon Paul’s defense of the cosmic significance of Jesus Christ as Lord of creation and head of the church.


Down The Amazon

Amazon Boat tripEarl and Ruthanne Haubner, our missionaries in Brazil, have invited us to send a team in 2016 for an incredible mission opportunity ministering along the Amazon River.  If you are interested in going (May 24-June 4), contact Dianna Ross.  Being several months out, we have plenty of time to prepare and raise funds. Pray and seek God’s leading.


We Need Your Help

Trunk or TreatAs you can imagine, we need lots of help to make this community wide event a huge success and we can only achieve that with your participation.  We’ll need “trunkers”…volunteers who are willing to decorate their vehicle and host a game to play and candy.
Trunkers Needed

Want to do something unique to reach out to our community for Jesus’ sake?  For Trunk of Treat, we need at least 30 vehicles in the church parking lot with simple games for kids to play and receive their candy.  If you are willing to decorate your trunk, mini van, or golf cart please sign up on your Connection Card. If you have any questions or need an idea please see Kevin Roach or Pat Fahey

And A Little More Help

We will need lots and lots and lots of candy!!!  If you are able to bring in a bag or two or three of candy, we would greatly appreciate it.  Just place it in the wheelbarrow located in the foyer.  Last year we had 100’s of kids and we are expecting more this year with Trunk or Treat being on Halloween night.


NametagWe have been blessed with an influx of new families which means a batch of new names to grab hold of and remember.  We want to make that process easier by declaring October “Name Tag” Month.  Let’s show our good ol’ hospitality by wearing a name tag every Sunday thru the month of October.  If you’re “new” around here, it will help us get to know your name.  If you’ve been around for awhile, it will make others feel welcome.

Lets’ Get Acquainted

Let's Do LunchThe Elders would like to extend an offer for lunch. If you are “new” to RCC, we would like to invite you to a NewComer’s Lunch on Sunday, October 26, immediately following second service.  It’s an opportunity to meet the staff,  Elders and their families, ask questions, and enjoy a wonderful meal.  It’s also a great way to begin connecting names with faces.  If you would like to join us, please make a note on your Connection Card.

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