The 2017 Reading Challenge

     To move us deeper into the Word, Pat gives us a reading challenge each year.  For 2017, he has chosen The One Year Book of Psalms.  This is a daily devotional with accompanying meditations, quotes, fascinating facts, and topical “interludes.”  If you would like to accept the challenge and order a book ($12 each), reserve your copy with “X” on your Connection Card….

Parent/Child Dedication

If you desire to present your child before the Lord with thanksgiving, while committing yourself to raising them in the way of the Lord, at our Fall Dedication Ceremony on November 20, please contact Pat ( before November 13.  

What A Blessing

Tommy and John Thomas Oaks will be here on Sunday, November 13 for Harvest Blessings Sunday.  Tommy will be preaching in the morning while his son, John Thomas, leads our singing.  That evening, at our Harvest Blessings Dinner, they will present The Legend of Wiley Jake — a musical comedy based on the life of Jacob and Esau. RSVP, Please Our Harvest Blessings Dinner…

24-Hour        Prayer Vigil     November 5-6 We hope you will join us for a 24-hour prayer vigil which begins at 8:30 AM on Saturday, November 5 and concludes with a patriotic themed Sunday Service the next day.  There is a sign-up chart in the foyer for you to claim your prayer time.  Ideally, we would like to ask everyone to come to our building to…

You Just Might Save A Life

      The RCC Daycare is hosting a CPR Training Class on Thursday, November 10, at 5:15 PM.  The cost is $35 and will prepare you for the “just in case” moment.  RSVP by November 7.  

Calling All Praise Team Members…

     All men and women currently serving on praise teams are invited to participate on Sunday, November 6, for our Patriotic Sunday. Please see Ronna for a song list, rehearsal info, and new music for a special song to close the service.  

We Got Your Number

Offering Envelopes are here and may be picked up in the foyer.  Names are already on the top of each box, please be sure to take only yours. Also, (and very important) sign your name on the sheet of paper indicating you took your box.  This will be used to send tax statements at the end of the year.  

Showing We Care

Have the desire to reach out and touch someone with a note of encouragement?  That’s what our Card Ministry is all about.  Our Card Ministry team will meet this Tuesday, October 25, at 10 AM.  If you know of anybody needing encouraged, please call the church office to have their name added to our list.  

Computer Volunteers Needed

Those who serve behind the scenes in our tech ministries are vitally important to our worship services. Our sound/light/tech crew do a great job each week and we truly appreciate their willingness to serve. While we have a great crew working the 8:45 AM service, we are in need of volunteers to run the Media Shout computer for the 11:00 AM services. Don’t let…

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