Monday-Wednesday Classes
4 & 5-Year-Olds
8:30-11:00 AM or 12:00-2:30 PM

Tuesday-Thursday Classes
3-Year-Olds (Cut off date is August 1)
8:30-11:00 AM or 12:00-2:30 PM

Cost $50.00 per month
$50.00 One-time registration fee

Mrs. Brandy Haltom
Mrs. Kelli Seward

We provide a structured routine that focuses on making learning fun.

Education Philosophy

Administrative Point of View

The Rockville Christian Preschool was brought into existence as an act of ministry by the Rockville Christian Church.  Jesus had a special love for children, clearly evidenced when He called attention to the faith of little children and used them as an example for adults to follow.  To help develop that kind of trust in the lives of little children, the Preschool is distinctly Christian in nature.

Teachers’ Point of View

The five-fold areas of opportunity we see are:  religious, social, emotional, language arts and motor skills

We strive to communicate to the child their uniqueness, importance, and worth as a person; they are loved by God, their family, and their friends.  Developmental psychologists and learning theorists suggest that the attitudes of a child about himself, about others, and about his work are well formed by the time he enters first grade.  Every child has the right to see himself in relationship to the God who made him.  The Preschool will focus on attitudes, concepts, self-esteem and social relationships more than on factual content, although certain factual materials will be communicated as well.

The activities and experiences will be designed to help the child express him/herself creatively.  Through religious or secular stories and poems, through real-life experiences, field trips, objects brought to school, food cooking and other activities, he will build his vocabulary and stimulate his oral expression.

Motor activities will be games and body movements set to music. To the child and adults alike it will be fun and play, but the ultimate purpose will be to develop hand/eye coordination, balance and large muscle development.  Small muscle development and further hand/eye coordination will develop through the “work” period as the child paints, colors, uses scissors or participates in similar activities.

Woven into the whole experience will be the opportunity to develop socially and emotionally.  As the child develops his interaction skills, he gradually learns to deal with conflicts within himself and between himself and others.

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  1. Good afternoon, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Smith. I recently sent an email and wanted to make sure you received it. Thank you for your time. I’ve heard great things about your preschool classes.

    -Jamie Wallace

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