Becoming A Christian



How Do I Become A Christian? (February 4, 2018) – Greg Robbins

Part 1: Understanding the Gospel

Who is Jesus?  Consider:

What is the result of our sins against God?  Consider:

What is the significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection? Consider:

Part 2: Responding to the Gospel

Read Acts 2:36-41

In Acts 2, the Apostle Peter preaches the first gospel sermon. Acts records that the audience was convicted of Jesus’ identity and the significance of his death and resurrection. In light of this context, consider these questions:

Going Deeper: The Significance of Christian Baptism


What pictures do these verses paint about baptism?

Specifically, how is baptism both a tomb and a womb?


Part 3: The Results of the Gospel

What changes when we become Christians? Consider:

What is God’s plan for your life after baptism (Jeremiah 29:11)? Consider:

What is the meaning of church membership?  Consider:

Reflect over this definition of church membership:

Membership is an active and visible commitment to a particular church.  It is a positive affirmation that we commit ourselves to and identity with the ministry of a specific local congregation.  Moreover, membership involves a two-way commitment between member and congregation.  It is a promise by the congregation to help every member grow and mature in the faith.  It is a pledge by the member to participate in the life and ministry of the church.



Do you have any lingering questions?

In light of this study, are you ready to become a Christian?

If you have questions about becoming a Christian, please contact the RCC office at 765-569-3563 to talk with a staff member

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