missionsThe Missions Committee is dedicated to learning more about each of our supported missions, sharing this information with the congregation and using our mission dollars wisely.  We are partners with those who are spreading the gospel and the love of Christ to people in Parke County, the state of Indiana, America and around the world.  We are currently supporting 13 different mission fields.  We help organize two Mission Sundays, one in the spring and one in the fall.  We also help in putting together short-term mission trips and encourage participation by members of our church family.

Our Supported Missions


  1. Parke County Food Pantry
  2. Parke/Vermillion Pregnancy Center
  3. Hanging Rock Christian Assembly
  4. Christian Student Fellowship

United States

  1. FAME
  2. Reliant Mission
  3. Lincoln Christian University
  4. Harvest Prayer Ministries


  1. South India Church of Christ
  2. Central Brazil Mission
  3. North Burma Christian Mission
  4. Polish Christian Ministries
  5. Ruth Smith Memorial Philippines
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