Children’s Ministries

cute-baby-girl-plant-wallpaperOur Purpose Statement
As a family of worshipers of Jesus Christ, we want to encourage our children to KNOW God and His love for them, for our children to GROW in their relationship to Jesus Christ, and for our children to SHOW Jesus to others they know.

Our Strategy

  • KNOW – We want to help our children KNOW God by teaching God’s Word, enjoying Worship and having fun fellowship.
  • GROW –  We want our children to GROW in their relationship with God by teaching them to have Jesus in their everyday lives with prayer and study, helping them to find their God-given talents and teaching them to love and serve others.
  • SHOW – We want to help teach our children to SHOW God’s love to others by creating opportunities to build relationships to those who don’t know Christ and helping them share their personal testimony so others can come to know Christ.

Things Parents Might Like to Know
Our children’s leaders/teachers are mostly volunteers who serve because they love God and children.
Parents are encouraged to be involved as volunteers in our ministry to children.  Caregivers, teachers, huggers, phone-callers, etc. are all needed.  If you need help finding a place where you would enjoy serving, please contact the church office  (765-569-3563).

Sunday School
Sunday School is at 10:00 am, sandwiched in between our two worship services at 8:45 a.m. & 11 a.m.  With something for all ages, you’re sure to find your class inviting and age-appropriate.  1st through 5th grades meet on the second floor.

Children’s Church
This will take place during the second half of our worship service.  During the offering, the children are released to go to Room 111 and we have a service just for them.  This is for grades 1st through 5th.

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