CIY MOVEOur High School Students will be attending CIY MOVE, June 8-13, in Knoxville, TN  We can not do this event without your help! 1) You can hire a teen or two to work around your house or 2) if you don’t want to hire but just want to make a donation, check out the bulletin board by the Friendship Sunday School  Classroom  3) and most important CIY Prayer Bracelets. We believe that God is using High School Students to change the world. Whether you are attending this event with our group or not, we ask that you’ll commit to praying for our group between now and through the event. There are bracelets in the foyer that will serve as a reminder to pray for these students before, during, and after CIY MOVE.  If you have questions or need more info talk to Kevin Roach or call the Church Office.

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