FRONTIER MOVEMENT Will be here, Sunday, May 14!


Fmtr        Help us welcome Sam Wake, Quentin Bemis and all of the Frontier Movement Team as they lead Worship Service for us on Mother’s Day, May 14. These former RCC “kids” have grown up and, along with friends & family gathered along the way, are headed west to plant a church in the heart of Portland, Oregon.

If you would like more information about the Frontier Movement journey, check out any/all of the following:

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Instagram – @frntr_mvmt

 Thank you for your prayers & support!


Church Picnic 2016


Screenshot 2015-12-08 23.07.33A generous benefactor has offered to replace our 18 year-old bus with a 2011 model with only 13,000 miles…give or take a few. The newer vehicle was leased to a church in Maryland and we were able to make the purchase when it was returned. We are downsizing to a 15 passenger vehicle which will allow greater use around town and for smaller groups. We thank our anonymous benefactor for their graciousness. God is good!

Shelter Needed – With the remodeling of the Big House, we have no place to shelter the new bus from the elements. Our Trustees are planning to erect a “busport” for that purpose in the near future. If you would like to help with the expense, it would be greatly appreciated